Convert SWF Flash Files Into Windows Application Software With Flash Builder

As we all know that flash is a very powerful application from Adobe.  And this time again they have come out with a powerful product that is a freeware but it will allow you to convert the SWF files into a windows application. It is a very useful application for all those game freaks who used to enjoy playing flash games but in in case you have to play them now you will have to always open them in them in the Internet browser. This application lets you convert these games into Windows Applications which can be opened from the desktop directly as a windows application.

Flash Builder 1

This is the flash software window that will open up once you run the software after downloading and installing it. This tool lets you convert a SWF Flash File into an executable windows exe file. The executable file that is formed has no standard border for the window and it also supports translucency. The window can be of any shape, animated shapes are also supported. The tool is very simple to use it has three options first to select the SWF File which you have to convert to a Windows Application. You can also customize your windows application by the other two options which are Icon File and Splash Screen. You can add Icon File and Splash Screen to your windows application to customize it according to you. These two options are optional so if you don’t want to give them and simply want to convert the application from SWF to windows application only specify the path for SWF file and leave the other two fields blank. There is also an option to create a Autorun.inf file which is used for CD_ROM auto start function. This option can be checked or unchecked according to your requirement. Flash Builder is a very simple tool it will convert the SWF Files to windows applications and save them automatically on the desktop. In order to run these application you will have to double click them just like other windows applications. The best feature about Flash Builder is that its size is less than 400 kb and its very light for the system on which its running on.

In case you want to run your favorite SWF games on iPad or iPhone then you can use Google Swiffy.

Download Flash Builder.

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