Convert Office 2010 / 2007 Docx Files Into PDF Format With Doc2PDF

Doc2PDF is a freeware portable program which allows you to convert a doc or docx file into pdf very easily without any formatting getting lost. We have previously posted about how to convert pdf to word doc and online pdf to word converter might be useful to you if you have the other way round. 

Why To Convert a Word Doc Into PDF ?

There could be several reasons behind conversion of a word doc in docx format to pdf including you might want to send the view only version of the doc to some one via email, or you might not have office 2010 or 2007 installed on your computer and you want to view the docx file contents.


The program interface is quite simple to use, you just need to select MS Word Doc, or Docx file and then select the output folder where the final converted pdf will get saved.

Download Doc2PDF

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