Multi Functional Converter For Images, Songs and Videos

We generally have different tools for changing the format of an image or changing the format of a video or of a music file. So, it will be great if i provide you a tool which can do all these things for you. it is really hard to find a tool which can performs operations on music file, video file or image file simultaneously and hence today i will be reviewing a tool known as ‘File Blender’, which will perform all the general operations related to resizing, reformatting, converting all the supported music, video and image present on your system.

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It is really a very smart tool which will not confuse you with the large number of option written on its application window. Instead you will just have to drag and drop the file in that window and then it will show you the available options present for that format. After installing it, you will see a message, wherein you will be given some of the basic instructions which will help you to work on that tool. That message was captured as a snapshot and has been shown below it, you can see the basic instructions written in it. and then work accordingly.

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Initially it will not show any options but if you left click on the application window then a small window will open which will allow you to select a file on which the operations should be performed. After dragging and dropping the file in the application window the tool will show the different options as per the type of the file, for example, if you have dropped an image file then it will show the options as mentioned in the snapshot below.

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Or if you have dropped a video file, then after diagnosing the the format of the video it will show the options as mentioned in the snapshot shown below.

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After the conversion is complete the output file will be available in the same directory but inside a new folder named as OUT. The size of this tool is around 8 Mbs but still it will not take much of its time to get installed and after getting installed it will show you a message as mentioned above. This tool is compatible with all the versions of windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download File Blender

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