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Whenever you save a webpage on your computer, it gets saved in two parts one is the html file and another is the folder with the same name as of the html files which contains the images to be loaded in html page when you open it. Now you might need to take that web page with some information to a different computer which does not have a internet connection so you need to copy the both the html page and its companion folder so that the page loads up properly with images as the html page won’t be able to fetch the images when it loads on a computer without internet connection.  

HTML Page to EXE Converter solves this problem by converting the html page into a self executable which has all embeded in a single file, it is a free software which lets you convert any html file to executable.

HTML to Exe Converter

In order to convert your executable you just need to locate and browse .htm file and set the software title, set file name of the executable and the output path of the file being created and click Generate Software button on the application interface to generate the executable file of the html file.

Once the html file has been converted to executable, you can open it on any computer and will open in the default browser installed on the computer you open in  separate window. [ as shown in the image below ]

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NOTE: This is beta software that may not work on all computers. Also, there is nothing in this software that could possibly harm your computer in any way.

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