Convert Handwritten Notes, Documents To Digital Word Documents

We generally tend to save the documents on cloud drive because we feel that they are more secure and safe as compared to our home PC. While sitting in a classroom or in a meeting we have pen and paper in our hands to take the important note and it is also true that while being 100% attentive, we might lose some important information from that meeting. After we are done with scribbling, we are supposed to upload those notes on cloud drives, which is something that takes lots of time as firstly you will have to scan all the documents and then upload them on Google Docs.

Today we will be talking about a new pen known as Livescribe which can do this easily for you, what I meant to day is that you will have just have to write with that pen and then it will automatically upload all those notes on any of the sites like Facebook, Google Docs or Evernote. First of all let me tell you that this pen works with a special kind on paper on which you will just have to give few taps for uploading the hand-written documents on the above said drives. Once you start taking the notes it will record all the notes and simultaneously it will also record the audio in that area. After taking the notes, just type ‘Facebook’ and then double underline this word.

Now when you will connect your Livescribe pen with your system then it will automatically upload those notes and audio file to Facebook, if you want to do the same with Google Docs then you will have to write Google Docs instead of Facebook and then your files will be uploaded to Google Docs. This works with a special type of paper on which some of the symbols are marked which can help you can pause and stop the recording. The cost of this toll is $99 for 2GB capacity and as the capacity increases the cost will also tend to go up. It would have been better if they have introduced the wireless transmission of data to the system.

I hope that this information must have been useful to you as this is very new technology to upload everything which you write from your pen. So please share this information with all your friends as now you have got one more thing in your buying log.

[Source: Digital Inspiration]

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