Convert Folders Into System Settings Shortcuts To Prevent Others To View Its Files

Today, data security has become one of the most important concerns for all the computer’s users irrespective of the domain in which they are working. Right from the user who is using computer just for personal use and for entertainment and till the user who is managing very important data, everyone wants security for the data. Although, there are lots of utilities which are available and which can be used for this particular purpose but still user always want a pretty simple and very effective way to secure the data.

As said earlier, there are number of ways and methods to protect the secret or confidential data which may be present in some folders in the computer system. One of the solutions can be that one may simply lock those folders with tools which are available on the web, such as Lock-a-Folder, BuduLock and Freeware Lockbox or one of the other option may be to simply hide it using the option from windows folder hide option.

Other than ways discussed above, one of the other way which is pretty simple and can be effectively used is to disguise the folders which contains the secured data, to look like system folders. For this, one of the simple, small yet powerful utility that we recommend here is Disguise Folders. It is basically a nice freeware utility which has been specially designed for Windows and which allows the user to set the secret folders look like system folders and thus providing the security level without involving any complexity in this method.

The application is portable and it is very simple and easy to use it. User just needs to select the folder which contains the confidential and private data, in order to disguise it and then select the system folder which the user wants to be disguised to. So, in just two steps the user may provide security to the confidential data.


In order to use this utility, you may simply download it from the link given below and after installing it in your computer you may observe that it just require a single click to perform the operation of disguising. As shown in the snapshot, once you click on the disguise now button which is available in the main window itself, then you may see your secret folder turn into a system folder with the same icon as the system folder that has been selected by you. No one can even judge that this is not a system folder rather a normal folder containing some data. After this, whenever you try opening the disguised folder, it in fact takes you to the actual system folder and does not open the secret files and thus provides a complete layer of security.


Now the most important thing here is to recover the folder and the data back. For this, you can do the same operation, but selecting the folder. The files inside this folder will be safe and will not be deleted or changed. Thus, you may see that the utility is very useful to quickly disguise your folders without changing any of the settings and providing the complete security for your data and that too in almost no time

Download Disguise Folders

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