Convert DMG To IMG and ISO

This is another reader query who wants to convert a .dmg file either to .img file and to .iso file so that he can mount the disk image in windows also.

In order to convert dmg file to img file either we need a DMG2IMG converter and for converting dmg file to iso we need DMG2ISO converter.

IMG files were used by Mac OS 9 and earlier versions of Mac and was replaced by the newer compressed version in newer versions MAC OS

DMG2IMG converter is designed to convert any apple compressed dmg archives to standard hfsplus image disk files. This tool runs from command line.


The syntax you can use to convert and dmg file to img file is

dmg2img [-s] [-v] [-V] [-d] []
dmg2img -i –o

Download dmg2img 

Another tool named dmg2iso is again from the same developer which created dmg2img. In order to covert dmg to iso so that you can mount it as a disk image in windows you can use this tool DMG2ISO

ISO files are actually images of complete CDs or DVDs compiled as one whole image file.

DMG2ISO converter is again command line based and lets you covert .dmg file to .iso file which you can mount in windows on any virtual drive.


The syntax to be used to convert any .dmg file to .iso file is

dmg2iso <filename1.dmg> <filename2.dmg>

Download dmg2iso


  1. Tom says

    jimmy. you need to open a cmd prompt. Start–>Run then type cmd and click ok. OR Program Files–>Accessories–>Command Prompt.

  2. Steves Followers says

    what possible reason do you windows users have for a utility like that, those file are mac files they only work with a mac so go play with your .iso’s and .rar’s pc users

  3. jimmy says

    hey genius has it ever occurred to you that we are also mac users with a windows partition or maybe we got the file from a friend and it happens to be a movie and we’d like to watch it on our pc, whatever the case maybe idiotic comments like yours aren’t helpful for anyone, so without further ado go f*** yourself, from a BlackBook owner :)/PC owner

  4. radek says

    please I’m having a trouble with this.. I open command prompt and then I write dmg2iso and nothing happens… I dont know how to choose the output place… thanks for help

  5. jimmy says

    Hey bro i’m sorry to hear your having trouble with this, I actually haven’t used this since my last post so i don’t remember how to use the thing, but look for info on the web maybe where you downloaded the file. I think mine came with a read me file that explains it pretty well but like i said i dont use or even have the program anymore

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