Convert Business Cards Into IPhone Contacts Using WorldCard Mobile Business Card Reader, Scanner [2 Free Promo Codes For Giveaway]

Most of the people including me find it difficult to manage a large number of business cards I get from different business contacts which I keep meeting in different conference and meetings and then I found this great app which could help me convert all these business cards into iphone contacts or simply store them into database which I can easily refer later.

WorldCard mobile business card reader + scanner is free app on the app store which uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer information from business cards to the user’s native contacts. With a simple click of the camera, you no longer have to manually input contact info from business cards or email signatures.


Using this is iphone app is simple, run this app use the iPhone camera to auto-focus and snap a picture of any business card.WorldCard Mobile will recognize and transfer the info to your contact. It is as simple as to take a picture. Add a contact. That’s it. No manual entries. No typos. No more confusion in your contacts.

Once you run the app to take a shot of business card to extract information, you will see the tips which you should read as they will further help you to use the app more accurately as shown in the image below.


While using this app to store information from email signature, business card its very important to hold the iphone camera still so that it can focus and decode the information more preciously, the the focus frame will turn green once it focus and then you should tap to capture the shot of business card as shown in the image below.


We suggest you to capture all the business card information in landscape mode with business card aligned horizontally as shown in the image below.


You can also configure display name order, and define whether it should save the information extracted from business card or email signature in card holder database in app or as iphone contact or both.


Once you can captures the image of the business card or email signature you will need to click recognize, and then it will show you the information arranged as a iphone contact which you can verify then export to Card Holder database in app or save it as iphone contact, some of the information we decoded with different business card can be seen in some snapshots below.


While doing the recognition it some times fails to recognize but if you hold the iphone camera still it works in 98% of the cases with an accuracy of 90% of information decoded correctly, in case you find some little things wrong like name spelling you can repair them.


We also tried converting email signature into contacts and it worked pretty well in converting most of them, one example is shown in the image below.


You can always view all the information stored from different business card and email signature in card holder database, where all the information is stored systematically in alphabetically sorted manner as shown in the image below.


We also did a small video review of this app, which can give you an idea on how this app works demoed in the video below.

Video Review Of WordCard Mobile App

Another Video Review Of WorldCard Mobile App

Some Key Features Of WorldCard Mobile

* Superior text recognition
* High-speed scanning & update
* Card Holder function to view & manage contact info
* Create groups of contacts with Card Holder for easier navigation & organization (school, work, etc.)
* Cover flow and List style view for contacts
* Automatic camera shake reduction
* Email signature capture
* Automatic sorting of contact data
* Merge new data into existing contacts
* Auto-image rotation when scanned sideways
* Manual cropping by finger when recognition happens partially
* Ability to differentiate business cards from saved images
* Add Social Network Function.
* Image Distortion and Enhance.
* Support data exchange with WorldCard desktop software(Open In/ import /Export / iTunes File Sharing)
* Recognition of 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. You can switch from one language to another just like that!
* Integrated w/ WorldCard Contacts (sold separately) to make a call, text, email or browse the company website directly from business card images

Tips to improve recognition On WorldCard Mobile

1. Place the business card on a well-lit, flat surface
2. Hold the iPhone upright, above the card
3. When you’ve fixed focus on the card, hold the phone firmly & click
4. Check the results for recognition
5. Crop manually for re-do of recognition

Compatibility With Apple Devices

1.Fast, Accurate Business Card Reader for iPhone 4, 3GS.
2. Not recommended for iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 4th Gen. due to the camera’s inability to auto-focus.
3. Works on the iPad and iPod Touch by uploading business cards from the photo library.

Our Rating 4/5 | Price $5.99 | Visit App Store Link To Install WorldCard Mobile – business card reader & business card scanner

App Requirements: It Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. For more information on the app, you can refer this official page here

Giveaway Information

Also we have two extra promo codes for giveaway of this app for two lucky users who just need to comment at the end of this post why you want this great app.

Please note, In case you have any other phone and you would like to know about similar way you can use your phone to decode business cards, in that case you can follow this extensive guide by Amit Aggarwal or you can alos refer some other similar iphone apps for the same purpose here at this link


  1. HonYin says

    If this app works as in the video, it is a great app to have since the OCR feature work even without having to fill the entire camera full screen.

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