Convert BIN, IMG, DMG, UIF, NRG, DAA, MDF To ISO – AnyToISO Converter

Among all the cd / dvd image formats ISO image format is the most widely recognised among all the other formats, AnyToISO is a free converter allows to convert any image formats including BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, B5I, IMG, DEB and CD/DVD-ROM images to ISO


Moreover this free tool can also be used to extract DMG files to create ISO images, a progress dialog keep telling you how much of the process is complete.

The only weak point is that it does not support batch conversions, so if you want to convert more than one image formats you will need to do it one by one. This applications comes for windows and Mac OS

Download AnyToISO Converter


  1. Ibrahim says

    The software doesn’t convert a DVD size nrg image (Nero’s image file) to ISO format. It only converts CD size files — so if you have a DVD in NRG, you’re out of luck ( — the professional version of this program might do it but not this free one).

    I got around this problem (I had a DVD image file in nrg) by extracting the file with the 7-zip program into the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders (DVD folders) and recompiling them with the DVD Shrink program and backing them up again as an ISO image file.

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