Save Audio File In Different Audio Formats

Listening to music is the favorite pass time for most of the people in this world. There are countless genres in music belonging to different countries in the world which are then subdivided into different communities and so on. Roots of Music can be dated back to a very long time, there were music instruments sculpted on artifacts thousands of years old. Till now there has been so much progress in all the aspects of life but music has still retained its place in the mind of a healthy person. A human being normally listens to music the whole day, may it be in a TV ad or in a ringtone or in a car. So frankly speaking he might be listening to music the whole day without having an idea about it. The basic reason why I am talking about this is because I want to prove how important music is to all of us and how boring our life would be without it.

There are so many ways you can listen to music nowadays like you can use an ipod, a pc or you can download songs and you can even save music onto your mobile phone and hear it afterwards. There are countless music devices available these days but the problem arises when all these different devices use different format for music playback. It is very difficult for a person to convert all his music albums when he tries to switch to a new device. Even otherwise a person converts his music files now and then according to his requirements, as to decrease the size the file or increase the sound quality or just to change the file type so that his device could easily playback those files in compatible format. There are plenty of softwares available in the market may it be for free or paid but most of them are either very slow or they just don’t provide a satisfactory output.

Today we have a new easy to use high quality music file conversion tool which is blazingly fast at the same time. This tool is called the fre:ac and it multi core optimized application for all the version of windows.


It has a self-explanatory and easy to use interface and you can add multiple files from a specified location in order to convert or rip them. Before starting the conversion you have to select the encoder from the encode button at the top of the window. You can select from the various formats like MP3, WMA/M4A, MP4, OGG, FLAC and BONK format. It also allows you to play the selected files so that there is no mistake in selection.

This is a very good conversion tool and I tried to convert two audio files just to check, the conversion took less than a minute and the file output was satisfactory.

Here are some features of this software :

  • converts Mp3, Mp4, WMA, OGG vorbis, FLAC, AAC, WAV and Bonk formats.
  • Integrated CD ripper.
  • Portable application.
  • Multi core optimized converters to speed up conversions.
  • Full Unicode support for Tags and filenames
  • Easy to use.
  • Completely free and open source.

Download Fre:ac

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