Control Windows Media Player Playback With Keyboard Keys & Shortcuts Using HotKeys

Many of us like to hear music while we are working on our system. And it creates disturbance if we have to make any changes in our playlist. It will be the best option if we can make our media player more handy and convenient. Because we can’t stop our work in continuation to handle the player. It is very inconvenient and we can’t proceed the work  the way we like. So, today I would like to review a tool named as MediaKeys. It has been designed to control your media player with the help of hotkeys.

MediaKeys is a small freeware of 256 KB only. It is a portable freeware. It will be present on the system tray whenever you open it. You can set different hotkeys for play / pause, forward and backward. The snapshot below displays the user interface to edit the settings. You can either open it from the system tray or the hotkey is Ctrl + Shift + F1.


Make the changes in Controls. Firstly, select the Media Player. Then select the option to create the hotkeys. An interface as shown in the snapshot below will be presented.


Here, you can select the hotkeys for play / pause, forward and backward. As shown the assigned shortcuts are A, B and C. Please make sure that the hotkeys you are assigning have not been assigned for some other functions. Otherwise, it may create some errors while performing the task. The few additional settings can also be changed.

The freeware also provides the option for volume control. It is not program specific but for the OS. It can be either Mouse Controlled or Keyboard Controlled. For Mouse Control, you have to choose the right click or left click and the scroll up or scroll down will change the volume accordingly. For Keyboard, you can only enable the specified hotkeys i.e. “+” for increase on number pad and “Enter” for decrease on number pad.

The last tab named as Start – Up, will ask if the application has to be automatically started when the system is switched on. Also, if there are multiple users, you can select whether it is for all the all the user or only one. After making the changes, click on Save. Now you can easily handle your media player.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is also compatible with all the other versions also. The freeware has been designed for Window Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, foobar 2000, MediaMonkey and generic media player.

Download MediaKeys

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