Control Remote Computer Connected To Internet Using Google Chrome

Sometime you have some problem on your computer or laptop and you may not be able to solve the problem and you need someone’s help in order to solve it. Now the problem is complex and it can’t be explained on the phone. The person himself has to demonstrate the steps to you. In such a case you must have a desktop sharing software installed on your computer so that the person can share the computer screen with you and demonstrate the steps that you have to take in order to solve the problem. There are a lot of desktop share application available online which will allow you to share your desktop with anyone you like. Today I have got an application named Chrome Remote Desktop which will help you to share your computer screen with anyone you want who has the is application installed on his\her computer or laptop.

The application is only available for Google Chrome browser and it will allow sharing only if both the users have Google Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop extension installed in their Chrome browsers. The application is very useful as it will allow you to connect with the other desktop as soon as this extension is installed on both the systems and you will be bale to access all the features and application on the other system just like you access your own system if you have a reliable internet connection.

share 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will install the extension in your system. Now if you want to share your computer with some one else i.e. you want to give the control of your system to someone else then click on the button which says Share this computer. When you will click on this button which says Share This Computer the extension in the Google Chrome will generate a code. The code that is generated by this extension will be a random and will be valid for  a particular session. Now you have to give this code to the person with which you want to share you computer.

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This screen shows you the code which will get generated after you will click on the Share This Computer button in the previous window. Now you will have to give this generated code to the person with whom you want to share your desktop.

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The other person to whom you have given the code which was generated in your extension will enter the code in the text box which says Access code and click on the button Connect. After the person presses Connect the other person will be able to see everything that is running on your PC and even control and perform tasks on your PC or laptop. The Access Code text will appear when you will click on the access a shared computer link in the previous window.

Download  Chrome Remote Desktop.

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