Control Panel Gadget For Windows Desktop Sidebar

There are so many steps and sub menus involved to reach specific system utility. Remembering and performing each step can be tricky as well as time wasting for users. To reduce effort Windows 7 allows users to reach any utility by searching it from start menu. But there cannot be anything easier then accessing system utilities like registry editor, device manager etc. in one click.

Control Panel  is a very simple to use sidebar gadget made by ChekoGB of Deviantart. It comes in a zip file and upon extracting the zip file you get the gadget installer.

gadget 1

When you click on Control Panel setup you are prompted with a warning that publisher is not verified. Don’t worry just ignore this warning and click on install gadget.

gadget 2

Once you click on Install within seconds you see gadget on your desktop screen. You can drag it to anywhere on your desktop screen or close it.


It offers one click access to 22 system utilities and some of them are often used like software which opens uninstall program application. Below is the list of utilities you get one-click access.

  1. Registry Editor
  2. System Configuration
  3. Disk Management
  4. Device Manager
  5. Services
  6. Administrative Tools
  7. System Restore
  8. Network Connections
  9. Programs and Features
  10. Windows Features
  11. Backup and Restore
  12. Devices and Printers
  13. Performance Monitor
  14. System Information
  15. Control Panel
  16. CMD Prompt
  17. Run
  18. Computer Management
  19. ODBC Data Source Administrator
  20. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  21. Power Shell
  22. Power Shell ISE

Download Control Panel

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