Control Internet Download Transfer Rate of Each Program In Windows With NetBalancerlaod

Slowness of the internet speed is surely one of the major issue which results in frustration and anger for its users. You might have also experienced this scenario when you want the speed to be fast for a particular application but you can’t help it. So, for such situations, today we are going to discuss a newly developed utility which may prove helpful for all of its users in the above mentioned scenario.

NetBalancer is a simple, easy to use, helpful and a powerful application which does exactly what its name implies and helps the user to customize the whole scenario according to the needs and requirements. The main objective of this particular utility is to balance the internet usage and the transfer rate priorities, because these are the two things which are responsible for overall internet speed. This utility may really prove to be helpful as we all know that whenever net connection is established, there is large number of applications, programs and instances which start accessing internet connection and starts either downloading or uploading the data from the web. Eventually, it slows down the overall speed while consuming bandwidth and hence creates issue for the users. Now, in order to handle this issue, you can try out this application which we have already mentioned.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and you may easily install it in just few simple steps. After this, you may observe that its main interface shows each and every process being run at the background which may prove helpful for the user. Along with this, it also lists down all the processes along with the respective status of downloading and uploading data blocks, so that user can analyze that which application/component is taking maximum speed and bandwidth. All these informatory columns in the main interface will let you know which application is accessing the internet connection and you may accordingly decide to terminate them.


Along with all the above mentioned features, it also allows you to easily set any application or instance’s transfer rate priority, thus properly distributing the complete bandwidth according to your needs and requirements. You may observe the red and green buttons which are present and signifies uploading and downloading priorities respectively for any particular application. In order to set the program’s priority for any particular app, you just need to select that particular program from the list and as you may observe, from the upper part of the window, you can set the priority by clicking appropriate button according to your needs. Once you right-click any of the given application in the list, you may observe that it will show up different downloading/uploading priority levels which can be set by the user’s choice as mentioned above.

Overall we can surely say that it is a comprehensive tool for balancing internet speed and to keep a tab on every single instance which uses the bandwidth and that too according to the user’s need and requirements. So, interested users may download it from the link given below and can further explore more of its features.

Download Net Balancer

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