Control Computer Mouse Using Head Movements

I would always prefer to try something interesting especially the one which makes my work simpler. Do you feel that your fingers are becoming lazy for your mouse and need some rest??? If the answer is yes then the application, I am going to review to specially designed for you. I would like to review the utility named as Camera Mouse which is designed to control the mouse pointer with the help of your head movements. It is really very  interesting and useful. The tech savvy will have a great interest for the tool.

Camera Mouse is a small freeware of 6.13 MB. It can be used to replace the hand controlled mouse with the head movements through your webcam. The snapshot given below shows the use of the utility.


The first step is to select the webcam which you want to use to focus. The pointer will be controlled according to the movements captured by this webcam. The next step is to select the point to be tracked. You have to select a feature of your face which is to be focused.


This must have generated your interest in the tool and you would be ready to learn the change of settings. Just click on settings in the above dialog box. The settings dialog box as shown in the snapshot below will appear to you.


The horizontal and vertical gain can be selected from Very Low, Low, Medium, Medium High, High, Very High and  Extreme. Similarly, you can select the smoothing level. You will feel that the pointer is moving very fast. For that select the percentage that must be excluded in the four directions. After that specify when the Camera Mouse must be started and ended. Similarly, specify other settings based upon your requirements. Also, you can change the camera settings as Video Proc Amp, Camera Control and Stream Format.

As nothing is perfect, there are few problems with camera mouse also. It loose the track point very fast. To regain the point you have to select it again and again. At times, it is very difficult to set the pointer repeatedly. But if you have to keep your hands free for a long duration and your face is focused on screen, the utility will surely prove to be useful.

You can go through the video to have a clear picture about the usability of the freeware.


The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is also compatible with Windows Vista and XP.

Download Camera Mouse

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