Control, Block Incoming and Outgoing Internet Traffic On Your Computer

Sometimes, important information from our system is transferred over the internet but we are not even aware of it. These problems are due to some of the applications installed on our system. But I have a freeware named as Windows 7 Firewall Control that can keep control on the access of all the softwares installed on your system and if any secure information is being accessed by any application then this tool will let you know about it.

This software keeps an eye on the outgoing and incoming traffic. As soon as this freeware installs it will start having a check over the ability of the software to access the internet.


As shown in the above snapshot, you will have to edit the applications which are currently running on the system, once you enter the settings of an application it will not ask it again. It will not ask for the settings of those applications which are not accessing any part of your network.

You can define the zone in which the running applications should operate, so you can confine them to limited zone, where they cannot access any confidential information. All the blocked events by this tool will be intimated instantly with all the description given in it and they are enlisted simultaneously near the system tray as shown below in the snapshot.


This tool has size of 1,957 Kb and hence it is light and stable. It is also one of the few freewares which have a support for IPv6 protocols besides all these features this tool is available as freeware and will allow you to completely monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic.

Once completely installed, it will continue to monitor your applications even if you close this application. After closing the application window will be lost and you also won’t see any minimized icon in the tray on the taskbar but it leave a message before exiting that application window showing ‘it will continue to monitor the applications’

All the current running softwares which are enabled to access internet will be enlisted by this tool under the ‘Program’ tab. You can also define a common zone for all these application with the help of ‘Zone’ tab and you can also read the statistics of the application. The application will appear as shown in the snapshot below.


This software has been specially designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 as already mentioned it supports IPv6 protocols which are absent in Windows XP and other basic versions of Windows.

Download Windows 7 Firewall Control

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