Connect, Use Apple Wireless Keyboard With iPhone

For many users who are not too comfortable with typing on the iphone keyboard may want to attach a external keyboard to their iphone and then type on the external keyboard connected to their iphones. For ease of typing, you can use an Apple Wireless Keyboard (available separately; iPhone 3GS or later). The Apple Wireless Keyboard connects with Bluetooth, so you must pair the keyboard with iPhone.


Follow the procedure to do the same

Procedure To Pair an Apple Wireless Keyboard with iPhone

1. In Settings, choose General > Bluetooth.
2. If Bluetooth isn’t already turned on, tap the Bluetooth switch.
3. Press the power button on the Apple Wireless Keyboard to turn it on.
4. On iPhone, tap the entry for the keyboard under Devices.
Once the keyboard is paired with iPhone, it connects whenever the keyboard is within range (up to 30 feet). You can tell the keyboard is connected if the onscreen keyboard doesn’t appear when you tap in a text field.

Switch the language when using a hardware keyboard 

Press and hold the Command key, then tap the space bar to display a list of available languages. Tap the space bar again to choose a different language.
Disconnect a wireless keyboard from iPhone

Press and hold the power button on the keyboard until the green light goes of. iPhone will disconnects the keyboard when it’s out of range.
Unpair a wireless keyboard from iPhone

In Settings, choose General > Bluetooth and tap the entry for the keyboard under Devices, then tap “Forget this Device.” You can apply different layouts to a wireless keyboard

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