Connect To Multiple Computers In Remote Desktop In A Tabbed Interface

Remote Desktop Connections have become one of the commonly used services provided with OS. As we all know, for Windows we have Microsoft’s Terminal Services which makes it possible for us to connect to different systems which are kept far away from the user. As said, although those systems and user are far apart but still they can be used as if they are kept right in front of the users. But, if the user is making remote connection to more than 1 machine at the same time, than it becomes a bit difficult to manage all of them simultaneously. For this, today we are going to discuss one simple utility which may prove useful for the user.

MultiDesk is basically a simple, easy to use, useful, freely available and a portable app which provides the user with a tab-based remote desktop client for Microsoft’s Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) connections as already mentioned. It makes things easier for the user as it enables the management of multiple remote desktop connections. Along with the above mentioned feature, it provides an option to organize them in custom groups for saving all the remote connection settings in an organized order which may prove to be helpful for the user. As already mentioned, it provides a tabbed interface which allows the user to run numerous remote sessions simultaneously within the same application window just like different windows in the same browser, and provides the option to easily switch between connected remote desktops with a click which makes it lot easier and helpful for the user.


This particular app provides full-screen display for the user, and allows several customizing connection properties which user may choose accordingly. Apart from this, you may observe that all settings are auto-saved, and therefore, you can carry your remote desktop connection settings anywhere on a USB drive for making connections from different locations through different systems. You may easily download the utility from the link given below and after installing it in your systems, you can start working on it. In order to get started with it, you need to connect to a remote session by adding a server just like you do with normal RDP session. Apart from this, it also allows you an option through which you can also connect to an entire group, containing multiple RD connections, and import MSTSC settings via right-click context menu which is a very simple and easy task.

You can add servers with the IP address or PC name, just like a normal remote desktop session in Windows. It also allows you to configure numerous remote desktop settings for e.g. display and local resource settings, from Properties dialog given in the interface. After adding a server to your machine, you need to right-click its host name and click Connect for connecting to the server.

After pressing connect, you may observe that it will prompt you to enter the login credentials/password of the remote machine which is obvious for the security purpose. So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility especially for those users who often connects their office machines from home and that too more than 1 at the same time.

Download MultiDesk

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