Connect & Play iPad Videos, Movies On TV or Projector

Yes you can connect your iPad to your TV or Projector and watch youtube videos or movies on iPad on the large screen. You can use the Apple Component AV Cable, Apple Composite AV Cable, Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, or other iPad-compatible cable.

Note: Apple cables and docks are available for purchase separately in many countries. Go to

Once you have got the cable, the connect your iPad to TV and follow the procedure given below.

Navigate to  Settings >> Video and Under TV OUT Signal, Set the TV signal to NTSC or PAL – Choose Video > TV Signal and select NTSC or PAL. NTSC and PAL are TV broadcast standards, used in different regions. If you’re in the Americas, NTSC is probably the correct choice. Elsewhere, try PAL. If you’re not sure, check the documentation that came with your TV or projector.

Use TV Out settings to set up how iPad plays videos on your TV. Use the Apple Composite AV Cable, the Apple Component AV Cable, or the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter to connect iPad to a TV or projector. If you’re using the Apple Component AV Cable, high resolution videos will be shown in HD quality.

When the cable is connected to a TV or projector, an application that supports playing video to an external display will automatically use it when playing video. Of the built-in applications, Videos, Photos, and YouTube support external video display.


  1. Jennie says

    I have the composite cable from Apple and have hooked up my iPad, but nothing appears on the tv. I have tried cycling through channels without success. My iPad is set up to stream with the NTSC setting, and when I press play in the Netflix app, the screen shows a pause button before going black. So the iPad thinks it is streaming, but nothing shows on the tv set. What am I missing here?


  2. John says

    I have the same issue with trying to attach directly to a projector. I have all the settings as recommended and still no image. Help…and thanks!

  3. Bob says

    I bought a Griffin itouch compatible cable that plugs into the itouch and has-3 RCA outputs- yellow video- red audio right- white audio left- and it also has a USB input with a separate USB/wall charger so you can use it to charge itouch while watching it on tv screen. It cost about $48.00 at Best Buy AND it works the same on my IPAD as well despite that not being listed on packaging as a supported device.

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