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Most of the users today are switching to Windows 7 but still many of them are unaware about the new advancements and innovations in Windows 7. Today we are going to tell you about the new innovation, Libraries in Windows 7.

Both Windows XP and Vista creates a standard set of place for you to save your files. In XP, the primary folder was My Documents and it contain some subfolders like My Pictures, My Music etc. Similarly in Vista, the primary folder was same but just a small change that “My” has been removed and some new subfolders are added. But problem with both of them is that the primary location to save data is only under that drive in which you have saved your Windows.

Hence you store your data in different drives and different folder and always face difficulties while try to find your data. Hence to solve this problem, Windows 7 comes with new technology called Libraries using which you can create virtual folders. The basic idea is that you can store your folders in different places as usually but can virtually add them in Libraries.

Hence the location to store your data will be your choice, but you can create virtual path inside libraries to access them. This way, you will find it too easy to manage and browse you stored files. And to more simplify your work, you can install a tool called Librarian Library using which you can manage your Libraries folder in Windows 7 more easily.

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So when you open this tool you will see a window as above. Now you can see here all your default libraries folders. This is a vey simple tool and will allow you to quickly manage your libraries. There is shortcut bar given at the top so that you can easily perform various tasks.

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The functions you can perform using this shortcuts are as follows.

New Libraries :- Music, Videos, Documents and Pictures are the four inbuilt Libraries of Windows 7.  You can use New Libraries option if you want to add a new Library of your choice. For example you can create a Library named Software and keep setup of all your important software under that Library. Similarly, you can add any number of Libraries and easily categorize all your data under few titles.

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Change Library Settings :- If you want to change settings of any Library i.e add or delete new virtual folders or change icon of any folder, then you can use this option. For this, you will first need to click on desired library and then click on this shortcut. Then a window will open as you can see below.

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So to add any folder, click on add. Then browse to location where you have saved your folder and then click ok. You will see that a virtual folder of same name will be copied to desired library. In same way you can locate all your folders containing files of type desired Library name. You can even change the icon of those new added virtual folders by using option change icon and then select a particular icon. Press ok once all settings are done.

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Delete Library :- Select anyLibrary and then click on this shortcut to delete all the contents of that particular libraries. Deleting Library will only delete files and folders which actually exist in that particular Library. All your virtual folders will not be deleted even if you delete any Library.

Refresh Library List :- After adding new Library or New virtual folders, you can click on this shortcut to get the updated list of all your folders and libraries.

About Librarian :- You can click on this button if you want to see this tool’s version or want to go to website of its developer.

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The size of this tool is 3.02 Mb and still it will not take much time to get install and as usual it will create a desktop icon which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is designed only for Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate- 32 bit edition. You will need to translate the following link’s page to download this tool.

Download Librarian Library

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