Configure Custom Ways To Shutdown Windows

Many a time when we cannot monitor our system then we want that our system should log off or shut down when a certain condition is satisfied. For example sometimes we want that when a certain file is downloaded then the system should automatically be turned off or even if the downloading does not complete then the system should be turned off after a specific interval of time. But these operation cannot be performed by a system until we use Shutdown Timer.

This tool enables the system to get logged off, restart, locked, shutdown, hibernate or standby when a condition is satisfied and this condition is decided by the user. As you can see from the above snapshot that the this tool provides many options to perform to perform shut down, logging off, restart etc. and these options can be classified under four categories.

  • Time and Date options

You can shutdown your system at a certain date or after a specific period of time.


  • CPU usage and temperature options

When CPU usage value remains high for a particular span of time or if CPU temperature reaches a certain pre-assigned value then this tool will automatically shut down the system.


  • Memory availability options

When the amount of free memory available in RAM decreases beyond a certain value then tool will shut down the system.


  • Network traffic options

When the Uploading or Downloading speed remains below a certain value for a specific interval of time, then this tool will perform the required operation.


All the above condition which are already defined by the user are for the consistent performance of a system. This tool will never allow a system to be overloaded because whenever a system starts getting overloaded one of the above mentioned conditions will be satisfied and then this useful freeware will automatically perform the scheduled operation. In this way the system will always monitor itself its for better and reliable performance.

It will check the available updates of the software, but it will before downloading them. They are available in different versions for 32-bit and 64-bit edition and they are also available in the form of gadgets for the sidebar of Windows Vista or Windows 7. They are compatible with all types of Windows as they have been checked with Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Shutdown Timer

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