Configure Auto Update For Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player is something which needs to updated on a windows computer for website as there are many websites that still run flash and apart from the support you should also update flash as every time a flash player update is pushed its done with some security and other improvements.

We have heard from many users who have seen flash player upgrade pop up message every now and then which is very annoying for many of them. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of the flash player upgrade messages for once and for all time and configure flash player to upgrade automatically.

Configure Flash Player To Auto Update Itself

Once you have the flash player installed in windows, you can configure the settings to make sure flash player gets updated automatically on its own from next time. Follow the procedure below to configure as explained below.

First type and search for flash in windows search – press windows key and type Flash in search in windows 7 or for windows 8 press windows+q and then type flash.

Please Note – we have composed this tutorial on windows 7.

Once you have found flash player, click it to change the flash player settings.

flash player

Under flash player settings options >> Advanced tab and check the radio box option which says Allow adobe to install updates

allow flash to auto update

Bonus Tip: You Can Get Rid of Annoying Flash Upgrade Notifications

In case you don’t care about the flash automatic update, you can also specify the option which says Never check for updates – however this option is not recommended.

Never Check For Updates

Note: Automatic notification is available on all Windows platforms. To install updates, you also need to have permission to install software on your computer; that is, you need to log in as an administrator or as a user who has permission to install software.

Manual Update Flash Player

As automatic update to flash has only arrived in Flash 11.2 and after version, so in case you have older version of flash player installed, you can manually check for flash player update by following the procedure below.

Users on all supported platforms can manually check whether their installed Flash Player is the latest, most secure version. To check which version of Flash Player you are running, go to the Flash Player home page. This page runs a version test that reports your currently installed version of Flash Player and lists the latest available version for the platform. To install the latest version of Flash Player, visit the installation page.


This is how you can make sure that flash player is updated on your computer, as Flash Player help ensure that Flash Player works properly and may include changes to security or new product functionality. Adobe recommends that you update to the latest version of Flash Player whenever a new version is available, especially when a security update is mentioned.

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