Compare Contents Of Different Folders In Windows

Often we don’t even know that there are so many duplicate files in our system which occupies lot of memory space. Those files or folders must be removed from the system so that the memory which they are occupying could be used by some other data or programs. Along with this, due to large amount of data present in the form of files and folders, it becomes very difficult to organize that data and to remove the redundancy. For this, you need to scan the folders and search for the duplicate files. But, to do this manually can really be a tedious task if you have huge amount of data stored in your system. So, for this we recommend one of the small utility which can serve your purpose.

Compare folders is a small, useful, easy to use and a freely available utility which allows the user to compare files present in two different folders. It allows the user to know which all files are present in both the folders so that the duplicate files can be removed easily from one of the folder. As said earlier, that this tool is available absolutely free and can be used easily even by the beginner who has just now started using the computers. It scans the folders specified by the users and allows the user to compare the contents of two folders against each other. For scanning all the files present in those folders, it uses two of the methods. One of those methods which it uses allows the user to look out for the same file with same name and same extension and the other one in which it looks out only for the same name and doesn’t bother about the extension of the file.


If you want to use this utility or if you simply want to try it out then you may download it from the link given below. After downloading and installing it, you may see that there are different features which comes with this small utility. Some of those features which can be experienced are that, it scans for the files in both the folders and those files which occur in only one of those folders gets a check in their check boxes. Afterwards, you may look into these files and if the user wants then these checked files can be directly copied to some other folder and there is no need to manually select or copy those files.

So, just download it from the given link, if at all you have some folders which you want to be scanned then this is the tool for you.

Download Compare Folders

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