Combine, Mix Two Or More Audio Files Of Different or Same Format

Listening songs and downloading them from the web has become some of the most common activities on the computers. But, sometimes you might have come across situations where you need to edit, convert or merge some audio files that are present with you and that too in different formats. Although, earlier also there are many tools and utilities which can serve this purpose and can prove to be helpful in such situations. But, today we present one more such utility which has lot more features and is very easy to use as compared to some of the other utilities of its kind.

Audio Convert Merge Free is basically an easy to use and fast audio tool which allows the user to merge MP3s, as well as join audio files from different formats such as WMA, WAV, OGG into a single and a larger file. All this joining is done without even recompressing the files or without any kind of quality loss and that too within no time at all. This may prove to be pretty useful in various situations as with this audio merger, one may join various audiobook chapters into a single audiobook which can be used for e-learning or it one may also combine multiple music tracks into one non-stop audio CD which can then be played in any of the music players. It’s extremely easy to use this tool for merging or joining audio files even if the user doesn’t even knows anything about audio joining.


Along with the merger, it also has a feature of converting audio files between different audio formats. As an audio converter, it works very well and it can be used to convert audio files to MP3/WAV/WMA/OGG with ideal quality. Required parameters for every output format are also provided in order to meet all the requirements given by the user. Even you may observe that the loss of sound quality is almost negligible as the tool uses very high quality encoder and decoder with it.

Along with the above mentioned functionalities, there are many customized and frequently used presets that are available with the utility which can be used to adjust the output audio quality According to the user such as : Stereo Quality, Joint Stereo, High Quality Mono, Dual Channels, Bit rate presets, etc. One may also declare some of the parameters as needed such as: Average/Variable Bit Rate, Stereo/Mono Mode and adjustment from low quality with small size to high quality with large size can also be configured.


One of the best things about this smart utility is that it also supports processing files in batches which allows the user to convert multiple audio files at one click and that too in almost no time. So, you may try out this utility by downloading it from the below given link.

Download Audio Convert Merge

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