Combine, Merge Google Chrome Tabs and Windows Into One Window

While working online, we come across many sites on which many advertisements are present. And there are many times that by mistake, we just mouse over on the advertisement window then, suddenly it pops out in the bigger window which makes us feel for a second that something wrong has happened.

Also, many a times while filling online forms or while viewing some help menu, a new window opens up suddenly of help or of some rules which distract us from the current work.

Both the popup window and opening of a new window is very annoying and makes it difficult to concentrate on the main work. For this problem, Google has come up with an extension called One Window which is specially designed to avoid this problem.

One Window when installed automatically moves the popups and new window as tab to the main window allowing us to concentrate on our work with no distractions.

With this extension, there will be not be more than a single window open which helps us to work easily.

When you will install it, it will ask you to access data on all websites and your bookmarks. You just have to click ‘Install’ and it will be installed in just a few seconds.


You can access its options by going in the ‘Extensions’ and click ‘options’ which will open a tab of its settings. Here, you will be given various options of joining popups, joining dragged out tabs back to the main window, and merging tabs with same URL and title after your permission.

You just have to mark the option which you want to enable and the changes will be saved automatically.


For example, if there are two tabs of same title or same URL present then, it will first ask your permission before merging them together. If you want the two get merged then, you just have to click on the option ‘OK’.

You can skip the permission window to ask you every time by disabling the option of ‘Ask me before merging tabs’ in the settings window.


You can also run this extension in incognito window by just enabling the option of ‘Allow in incognito’ in the ‘extensions’ option.

NOTE: Google chrome will not be able to prevent this extension to access your browsing history so, it is advisable not to allow this extension to run in incognito window.


Download One Window

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