Combine, Join Multiple MP3 Files Into One MP3 File

How many times did you desperately need to join files? Did you use a dedicated tool having too many options and settings to go around with? If yes, then please take a look at JoinExt which is a freeware and lets you to join files seamlessly. It is especially designed to join mp3 files but can join videos and other formats of files too, even without much hassle and effort involved.

It is a simplest of all the application. Here you need to select files which are needed to be joined and then right click to select join files. This tool creates an option to join the files within the context menu of Windows explorer.

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The file joining wizard will start, in first step, you can specify order in which the files should be joined. For example, some times you need to arrange them properly before joining them, as in case of joining songs this order matters, as it determines that which song will be played first. In the next step you will have to specify the output file name and the location where you want to store it, and last step will be clicking next.

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This last step will start the joining process and it will also show the complete path where the files to be joined are present to ensure transparency. The speed which it offers while joining the files is quite remarkable, as while personally testing this tool, it joined 200 MB of file set in couple of seconds.

Despite the fact that many file joiner tools have bobbed up in recent past, but most of them require configuration unnecessary settings and options to be specified while joining the file. Considering this, windows shell integration tool like this is quite useful in terms of joining the files effortlessly.

This software is only 124 KB which allows you to download and install this in matter of seconds. It does not create any desktop shortcuts and does not add any option in the start up menu.

In the end I would like to say that this tool will prove up to your expectations and will be immensely helpful for you to solve your all types of file-joining problems. So go on and explore its wonderful features.

This tool is compatible with all the version of windows as it has been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

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