Combine Existing Email Accounts Into One With Inbox2

Now-a-days, all our work either in offices or colleges have become digital. People prefer dropping an email rather than calling someone to assign work. It means we all depend on emails for our work. So, it becomes necessary that we should be able to manage our mails easily for smooth working. Usually, people use Microsoft outlook to keep their mails at their desktop but it does not provide mails from all the accounts.

So, we have to login to different accounts to access our mails. Also, manage each inbox separately. In solution to this problem, there is a freeware called Inbox2 which is a social email application that brings communication – and the people you communicate with – into a single, synchronized application that is accessible everywhere.

Inbox2 is a smart innovative email platform email platform that allows you to plug-in your existing email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange) or any custom IMAP/POP3 accounts and social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Hyves, Yammer, Twitter) in one application. It is compatible with windows 7, vista,and xp.

After installation, when you will run it. It will first ask you to login to any of the email account present on the page. Lets say, i selected Gmail then, i just have to put the username and password and no other settings.


Advanced users can make changes in the advanced settings by clicking the option. it will show this option where you can set some settings of incoming and outgoing messages like account type, server and more. If you are a beginner and do not know about these settings, no need to open it. It will make no difference in the working of tool.


After you will login, it will take you to a new window where all your messages, documents, links and contacts from different accounts will be shown to you in one convenient place and you will be allowed to read, reply, search and be productive without having to login to multiple accounts. The content of your Inbox flows in a stream, allowing you to easily customize the stream to see what matters most.


For login to more accounts and manage the settings, click image present in the toolbar menu which will open a new window for doing changes in your settings.


In short, the Inbox2 platform is designed to reduce the complexity around the current email programs and add-ons needed to fulfill the demands of today’s savvy Web2.0 professional consumers.

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