Combine A URL List To One Single URL

Sometimes, when you are searching something important over internet, then you tend to open large number of tabs in your web browser and then if something pings you and says that you need to do something else then it becomes very difficult to close all those webpages abruptly and then starting that research from all over again or if you want to share a huge bunch of URL links with your friends then you will not keep on copying all them one by one on your chat window. This seems to be really annoying.


If you have been using Google Chrome then I have a very nice extension for you with the help of which you can bind all those URLs under a single link and then you can use it at any time on any of the browser to open all those windows again. This extension created a single on behalf of all the links opened under a single window of your Google Chrome browser and then using that link that you can see the list of the links which were opened in your window.


The link has been mentioned below to download and then install the extension of Google Chrome browser. After installing them you will see it as an icon on the right hand top side of the browser, just click the icon and then it will create a single icon for all the tabs currently opened in your Google Chrome window (the screenshot of this has been mentioned at the top of the post). It will automatically get copied in your clipboard and then you can paste it anywhere to store it or to share it. Once you click that link the list of links will open up in a new page which has been shown in the snapshot mentioned above and then you can choose the links which you want to open your Google Chrome browser.

The only constraint it has is that you can create the link on Google Chrome browser only, but you can view those links on any of the browser. The link has been used to the latest version of Google Chrome browser, if you face any problem while using, then please let us know.

Download Bridge URL

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