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Sometimes we go to a gallery and see a photo that has a collage of many pictures very beautifully done and we think if we could do this with our pictures. But now you could because I have a software named CollageIt which will help you to make a collage of your pictures. The software is a professional software but it is so easy and simple to operated that anyone can use it. You can make yourself a stunning collage using this software in just three simple steps i.e. Add pictures, change parameters and generate layout and save collage as an image.

CollageIt 1

This is the first screen that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The file has only one toolbar option i.e. File. When the first window of the software will open up it will show you three easy steps to make a collage.

CollageIt 2

The first step is to add images using Add button when you will press on the Add button a browse window will open up which will help you to add the images from any location in your computer. The next step after adding the image is set parameters and generate layout. You can see the various sections in the Layout window like Layout, Rotation and Sparse. The Layout window gives you the option to use all the images that you have added only once if you will check the Use all Photos check box. If the Use all photos option is unchecked then you will get an option to use multiple copies of the photos that you have added which will be decide by the value that you put in the textbox below. In layout window you will also get the option to increase or decrease the space between the photos using the Space slider. The margin of the Whole collage can be changed using the Margin slider.In the Rotation panel you can either set the option for the photos to Auto Rotate or either do it manually by unchecking Auto Rotate checkbox and using the Rotation Slider. In the Sparse panel you can either set the option for the photos to Auto Sparse or either do it manually by unchecking Auto Sparse checkbox and using the Sparse Slider.

CollageIt 3

In the Photo tab you have two sections for Photo Frame and Photo Shadow. In the Photo Frame section you have the option to Enable the frame using Enable Frame checkbox, change its color using the Color dropdown and width using the Width slider. In photo shadow section you will get an option to enable and disable shadow by checking or unchecking the the Enable Shadow checkbox. After doing all these settings you should click on the Generate Layout button and if you like the layout you can save the collage image or you can make the appropriate changes once again and check it by the Generate Layout button until you get your perfect collage.

CollageIt 4

The above window will open when you will click on the Page Setup button. The window gives you the option to select your preferred page size and page orientation.

CollageIt 5

This window will open when you will click on the Background button. The window gives you the options to change the background color of the image using various effects. You can also set an image as the background for the collage using this option.

Win A Free License For CollageIt

We are giving away 20 free licenses to the readers of Technix Update. The licenses will be sponsored by CollageIt. Anyone from any part of the world can participate in this contest. Following are the rules to participate in this contest.

1. Tweet the following text from your twitter account OR Share this text on Facebook – “Make Photo Collages Using CollageIt And Win A Free License @ Technix Update ) ”

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3. Leave a comment below on this article telling about which feature of CollageIt you like the most among the features mentioned above. Please use a valid email id (we will contact you via this email id if you win a license).

Additionally, you can also like our official Facebook Page for updates from Technix Update and know the progress of the contest.


1. Please use a valid email id as we will contact you using that email id only.

2. Twenty winners will be selected randomly selected out of the participants. We will publish the name of the winners after the contest is over and contact them via email.

3. CollageIt is also available without this giveaway offer and can be purchased on the official website of CollageIt.


  1. Viet Vet71 says

    Ease of use is 1 of the great features of this software. I also like the ability to ‘custom’ specify various aspects of the collage. Have had no problems running it on Win7 x32 and x64. Ability to customize rotation is also a plus of this software. I’ve tried/used several other collage maker programs & find the PearlMountain CollageIt provides ‘what I need’ for almost all collages I need to make.

  2. Biki b says

    Its a superb tool and helps me create cool collages using all my photos.The tool is easy to use with great interface.It provides me everything i require to create superb collages.

  3. sarat says

    1 of the good and easiest softwares in windows includes this. I like this software very much and i hope that i can win this soft..

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