Club Icons Of Multiple Programs, Software In Taskbar On Windows 7

Many a times I feel that there are lot of icons on more taskbar. The simultaneous use of different browsers; word, powerpoint and excel; media player and few other applications. Now, It is like my taskbar is cluttered with the icons and I am facing problem to handle all. And, now if there is a requirement to open a new application, it will be very problematic. Though Windows 7 has solved the problem a bit by combining various files of one application and the taskbar icons are also comparatively small. But to have a better option you can use Bins.

Bins is a Windows 7 taskbar organiser available free of cost in the beta version. It is designed to group the different icons present on the taskbar. You can club similar or dissimilar items. But combining the similar items will be easy for the user to handle. The snapshot below displays the group of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


It is very easy to use. You simply drag the items to be clubbed over the pop up of the  destination icon. You don’t have to group them together again and again, they will be combined and pinned to your taskbar. Now, whenever you have to use, the single click will display all the items and you can use them.


To ungroup the items, drag the item from the pop-up and drop it to the taskbar separately. Remember the icon is still pin to your taskbar and you have to unpin if it is of no further use. There are few other things you must know before using the application. It can display maximum four items in a group. So, if you enter the fifth item it will be grouped but not displayed. So, to avoid the confusion, it is advisable to group four applications only.

There are few settings which can be changed for your convenience. The Taskbar Tweaks as shown in the snapshot will help you to handle the Bins, AeroPeek and Taskbar. The options under Extras are related to lock or unlock editing, enable or disable various options. The options will help you to organise in a better way and the according to your requirements.

Bins Settings_2011-05-30_15-54-26

So, basically Bins will help you to handle the taskbar in an efficient and convenient manner. Your taskbar will not be cluttered anymore. It has been designed for Windows 7. Download and enjoy the new look of your taskbar.

Download Bins

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