Close Programs, Software On Windows Which Disturb You To Concentrate With Undistractr

When you start working on your system, then there are many applications which may get your attention like any Instant messenger, any extra webpage, Microsoft outlook and more. Now they may distract you again and again by getting pinged and they will may also make your work slow as you every time you minimize a window on which you are working, you will have to look at the taskbar carefully to find that again. In order this distraction I have got a tool, which may close all these application under a single click.


You can call this tool as ‘Undistractr’, now you can see the application window, has only a single button saying ‘Undistract me’, now this tool asks you to write the name of those executable files into a certain notepad file which should be stopped when you click the button mentioned in the snapshot above. You can find the location of that notepad file at:


Fill in the your username on the system instead of that bold word and then you will find a notepad named ‘app’ there, open it and list our all the executable files which are to be closed after the tool is used. Once you save the list, then use that tool and press the button, you will see the executable application which were initially launched have been closed as they were listed in that notepad.


I would rather say that you can use this tool for closing all the application which start-up with the system and then after having a glance at them they are of no use while doing something important over the system, as then you will not have to change the list again and again. Moreover you might not like this tool, if you want to close the applications which are not fixed and they may vary everyday as it will be better to close them manually rather than noting their name on notepad.

The size of this tool is around 725KB and it have been checked with Windows 7 32-bit ultimate edition, so if you face any issue while working with it, then please let us know.

Download Undistractr

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