Close, Maximize & Minimize Button On The Left Top Corner Of Window

Today I will be reviewing a tool which is quite helpful for the MAC users. If you have working for a long time over your MacBook, then it will uneasy to work on Windows User Interface at once, the simple reason behind this is different location of the frequently used buttons over your system. Some of the buttons are close, minimize and restore. Now these buttons in MacOS are available on the left hand side where as in Windows they are available on right hand side.


If you want then you make all these buttons available on the left hand side of the windows available in Windows OS. This can be done through a small portable tool known as LeftSide. You can see the screenshot of the effect caused by this portable tool. Once you launch this tool, then the title of the window as well as those three buttons will interchange their positions.

The tool is quite simple, as it does not have any application window, you will just have to launch it and then it will show its effect, it will reverse the placement of the buttons mentioned above. After getting launched you will the see the icon of this tool on the taskbar tray. If you want to remove the effect then you can go to the context menu of the icon on the taskbar tray and chose to exit the tool.

This tool might not show correct effects over your Microsoft Office Window, as there are some of the icons like Undo, Redo and ‘Save’ option which are available one the same height as that of the buttons which are to be shifted. So after you launch this tool they will overlap the pre-defined icons by Microsoft Office. The best part is that it will not ask you to close any of the opened windows or to restart your system. As you launch this tool, it will show its effect.

The size of this tool is around 200KB and it has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate but you cannot be sure regarding this tool, is you are using it on Windows XP. If you are facing any issue then please let us know. As soon as you close the application as mentioned above, the looks will get back to normal.

Download LeftSide

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