Click & Clean Lets You Delete Google Chrome Temporary Data, Cookies, Private Data & Improve Privacy

Few days back, we talked about various social networking and many other websites which uses your data stored in the form of cookies and how dangerous it can be? Today, it has become one of the major issue related with security as many sites access your data through Internet, which is stored by the browser on the computer in the form of cookies and temporary files. Although, now we can say that most of the web browsers used, comes with built-in tools to delete most of the data. But this can be only done if the user knows how to configure the settings properly which is really a tedious task for a home or a casual user. Along with this, it is not like that web-browser can delete all data because, some of the data like Local Shared Objects, commonly known as Flash Cookies, cannot be deleted by the browser at all.

For this, there are already many third party tools like CCleaner to clean data left by the web browser on the computer system, which are used by most of the users. But, along with this today we are going to discuss one of the extensions introduced by Google which has been especially designed and developed for Google Chrome. You may observe that this Google Chrome extension offers deeper configuration options than any other add-on or utility, for the above mentioned purpose.


Click&Clean is basically a small sized extension, which as said has been especially designed for Chrome users. After adding it to your browser, you need to just click on the items in the left sidebar and you may see that it opens the complete and in-depth configuration options that include all clear browsing data options of the browser along with many more other options. Using this extension it is very much possible to remove Flash cookies, Silverlight cookies, the Java cache, Google Gears data, extension local storage, cookies, etc. from the local computer. Other options also allow, deleting the recycle bin and temporary files of the operating system which is a very must cleanup.


Along with all the above mentioned options and features it also allows the user to configure that when and how data is to be cleared and that too whether it has to be deleted manually or automatically. When you will access it, you may observe that a simple click on one of the extension’s icon in the Chrome toolbar opens a menu with quick access to clearing the browsing data. It comes with many more features like accessing the browser’s video history, memory usage and third party options like launching the system’s defragmenter or disk cleanup, which may prove to be useful in some of the scenarios.

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