Clear Windows Clipboard With GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner [ Applies To XP, Vista & Windows 7 ]

GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner is a freeware program which securely cleans your Microsoft Windows* Clipboard. It notices you automatically if new data is on the Clipboard and by clicking on that hint, or by double-clicking the Tray-Icon, you can erase that data promptly.


This program could be really useful if you have added secret data to the Windows Clipboard, such as your bank account data, or your credit-card number. The software then informs you automatically, that new data was added, and asks you promptly, if you like to erase that data. You can configure it to run at system startup by right clicking the system tray icon – specify it under settings. [ as shown in the image below ] 


Note: In order to clear up windows clipboard faster, just double click the system tray icon of the application in the system tray.

Download GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner | Application Homepage

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