Clear Google Chrome Browsing History On Its Launch Startup

There might be a situation when you don’t want others to look at the websites you have used in the past. Moreover, surfing internet on a public network makes it compulsory for you to delete the history. Different browsers may give you different options. But the question arises how the procedure is to be followed. If every time, we have to manually handle the situation, it will become a problem for us. So, google chrome has provided a better option called AutoClear to handle the task automatically and delete the history for you. AutoClear is a google chrome extension which will delete all the history as soon as you close the browser. You have to install it once and you are free to surf the internet for the future use. Now, whenever you will open the browser next time, there is nothing to track the history. You have to click on the install button as shown in the snapshot below. sshot-2 Now, the extension has been installed and further the user don’t have to worry about anything. You can freely search on any website and the number of times you want to. As shown in the snapshot below, a recent opened browser has been displayed. So, the history displays only one browser which was opened just now. All the previous ones have been deleted. sshot-14 Otherwise we generally see that the we have to manually delete all the history. The other option is to install some software to delete the history. This installation is a bit tedious to do as there are number of steps to be followed.  And if we have to use a different computer everytime, then it is more difficult to follow the procedure. This extension has proved to be a very useful option for almost all the users. For example, when you are working on a project but do not want to tell anything about it to your  friends or colleagues. The internet browser is a very option for anyone to keep a track about the work you are actually doing. So, to delete the history is a must. You just have to close the browser after the work has been completed and don’t have to think any more. The extension will take care of your privacies and other security features. So, use the AutoClear extension to delete all the history and make your internet usage completely private. Now, you can enjoy the browser very easily and tension free. Install AutoClear

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