Clean, Optimize and Fix Corrupted Registry Keys With Registry Life On Windows 7 and Vista

Registry in windows is one the most crucial components which can cause windows to run fast when registry condition is healthy, it is the central database on which the entire functioning of windows depends, more over the stability of your PC depends upon it, and the speed of the applications you work with depends upon the volume of data contained in it.

Registry Life is a Free to use software which helps you correct errors in the registry and optimizes, it also increases the working speed and stability of the system by fixing your corrupted registry keys. Below are some screenshots of this application when we tested it this program on windows 7 and vista – it works perfectly without any issues on both of these operating systems.


You can either fix the corrupted registry keys or optimize the physical structure to apply defragmentation and compress the registry structure to make it more faster. [ as shown in the image below ]


It lets you fix the following problems related to registry when you run the registry clean up, it will first scan and then ask you to fix all these problems.


Press Fix button to start fixing all the registry issues found


It will show the progress bar while fixing registry problems


After fixing it will show up the message with links details about what all has been fixed.


Registry Optimization With Registry Lite

When you run the optimisation option on registry it will basically perform compression and defragmentation of the files where the registry is stored in windows. After optimisation the registry will take less space on the hard disk and will load quicker in memory.

It will ask you optimise now or enable automatic optimisation in system startup


Select the type of optimisation and click the Forward button


Download Registry Life [ Direct Link ]

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