Clean My PC Works Like Clean My MAC For Windows

While we use our computers, it often happens that unknowingly many unwanted files are created by the internal process of the system and it takes lots of space. It often leads to slowing up of the system. In order to avoid this slowness and to recover that memory back, we need a tool or an application which can clean up this files and can give that memory back to us for some other usage. For this, we introduce a new tool which can solve this issue very easily. CleanMyPC is one of such tool which is especially built for Windows and is very helpful in cleaning the systems by removing such unwanted files from the system.

CleanMyMac is one of the applications for Mac systems and this application is very similar to the CCleaner which many users might have used on thier windows system. Many users who may have used CCleaner on Windows may observe that CleanMyMac is one of the best comparable junk cleaning tool for Mac. Although, they may look similar and their features may match but still there are lots of differences when it comes to deep analysis and comparison of both the tools.


Few days back, this new tool has been released by the developers of CleanMyMac tool and now this similar looking tool has been developed for Windows OS, calledCleanMyPC, which has almost all the cleaning features that were earlier present in CleanMyMac and it also comes with other additional features that are specifically designed to find and remove junk from Windows system.

Now, let us talk about this new application and how it can be used? After starting up the application, as you may see in the above snapshot, it will ask you to scan whole PC for junk files and all those files which are consuming much space of disk drives. As soon as it asks you to scan the PC, we recommend you to scan your PC for all such files which can be safely removed. Although, you can customize your cleaning options in order to scan only some files or some specified types of files and you may also select specific locations to scan by selecting disk drives from main interface.


You may scan the whole system by right-clicking on the My Computer option and then by selecting the option of scan now. It will scan the whole system and will give you the complete data of no. of files which can be removed and is just present as junk in your system. After scanning, as shown in above picture, it will ask you to whether clean the unneeded files and it will also show you the amount of space that will get free after this cleaning action. After scanning, you can also view the list for each element present in left sidebar, as shown in the above picture. Before cleaning all the scanned items, you can uncheck any important file to prevent removal, by simply removing it from the list.

Once you select the clean tab given on the screen, it will clean of the system and will show you the result after completing the operation successfully.


CleanMyPC, as we have seen is really very efficient and effective in removing junk data, but on the other hand it also allows you to maintain your system through different utilities. Under Utilities category, you can see one of the option as Secure Erase which can be used to shred files and folders. Similarly, one more feature, Complete Uninstall is used to remove installed application with left over data and Registry Maintenance to find and remove Windows registry in-discrepancies. Similarly it has some other features like Autorun which is used to list down and disable auto-run programs.


Instead of manually choosing files and folders to shred them from main interface, you can securely remove them from Windows context menu. As per testing results, after performing cleanup operations, we may see that we have successfully removed lot of space which was filled with useless junk from the system.

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