Clean Delete Cookies, Prefetch Cache Files, Temp Folder Files

Removing the temporary junk files is the best way to optimize the performance of the system as they unnecessary capture space of your hard drive and degrades your system’s performance. There are plenty of system cleaning utilities available over web and we have timely informed you about some of the best among them which we have encountered like CCleaner, PureRa, Quick Clean, System Cleaner, SlimCleaner,System Tweaks etc. but still if you are not much satisfied with them, then you can try another tool named MooO DiskCleaner.

MooO DiskCleaner is also a freeware and do performs the same functions as being performed by all other tools but best thing with this tool is that it is very fast and is integrated with lots of options using which you can change its appearance. So if you have bored using same utility for years, you can try this tool which have new and innovative looks.

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This is the snapshot of main window of this tool. When you run this tool, this tool automatically scans for all the temporary files in your system and it works pretty fast as compared to other tools. Unlike other tools, here you are even not required to click on Scan or similar option to start running the tool. Now net best thing option available on the main window is “Always Clean on System Boot”.

This is really one of the best feature which I liked about this tool as it just automatically scans for all the temporary files whenever you boot up your computer. To enable this option, just place a tick on the checkbox given on just adjacent to this option.

Now once this tool complete scanning, click on view and then click on select all to place tick marks on all the temporary files. Once you are done, simply click on “Clean Now!” button given at the bottom of main window as within seconds it will delete all these temporary files. At the bottom of the main window, you can even see the stats of size of file it have encountered.

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After cleaning all the files, this tool will even notify you about the complete stats. On the top left of the main window, click on View to customize the appearance settings of this tool. There are plenty number of skins preloaded with this tool and there is also option available to periodically change them after regular interval. There is also option available to change the transparency of this tool. You can set any transparency from 10 to 100%.  There are also options available to change font size and cell height.


This is probably the first tool which I have encountered which is equipped with such a great features for changing the appearance. There are even lots of languages available. In nutshell, I will recommend you that you must at least give a try to this new innovative tool.

The size of MooO DiskCleaner is 3.56 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download MooO DiskCleaner

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