Christmas Giveaway – 5 FREE Licenses For CopyTrans – Allows To Backup And Restore Music From iPod / iPhone is running a Christmas Giveaway for CopyTrans from today onwards (earlier known as CopyPod). CopyTrans is an excellent tool for backup and recovery of your music from your iPod / iPhone. It is blazing fast and works with all types of Apple iPods and iPhones. It also supports latest iPhone OS 3.1.

CopyTrans is a perfect tools for you in case your iTunes library does not have the music which is there on your iTunes. This can be a case when you purchase a new PC, or your old PC crashes. If you sync your iTunes incorrectly, you might be at a risk of loosing all your Music , Videos, Podcasts etc. In this case you can use CopyTrans for transferring your Music from iPhone / iPod to Computer, thereafter to your iTunes library without the risk of loosing your Music.


Main Features of CopyTrans are:

Transfer iPod to iTunes – rebuild iTunes library

  • Transfer iPod music, videos, podcasts, audio-books, movies, home made videos and ringtones directly to iTunes
  • Import playlists, artworks, ratings, play counts, date last played, date added and many more back into iTunes
  • Copy iPod playlists and iPhone smart playlists while preserving song order within playlist
    Import iPhone artworks automatically into iTunes
  • Import iPhone videos, podcasts, audio-books, movies, TV-shows and ringtones to their iTunes categories
  • Backup iPod podcasts to iTunes including subscriptions
  • 100% duplicate proof. No iPhone duplicates in iTunes

Transfer iPod to computer – create iPhone backups

  • Copy iPod music, videos, podcasts, audio-books, movies, TV-shows, voice memos and ringtones to PC
  • Transfer iPod to PC folder of your choice
  • Organize iPhone tracks the way you want to. Rename tracks and create folders based on any iPhone track field such as artist, album, genre, …
  • Import iPod backup to iTunes whenever desired with playlists
  • Backup iPod, iPod Touch & iPhone to removable storage devices
  • Create iPod backups that you can burn to CD and DVD
  • No iPod track duplicates guaranteed

We recommend to use this Tool for your Music, Video and all other iPhone /iPod backup. We are running a Christmas Giveaway sponsored by CopyTrans. We will be giving away 5 Licenses of the Software worth $19.99 each.

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We will pick 5 winners at random of the participants, declare the winners after 25th December. We will send the License Keys  and Download links to the Winners via Email. To get the latest update about the winners, please follow us on twitter. You can anytime Visit the CopyTrans Store to purchase a copy of CopyTrans for $19.99

Updated on 28th Dec 09:

Winners Announced For CopyTrans Licenses


  1. Bruno says

    I need this software because I’m tired of iTunes, that great and mad dinosaur. The apple’s player isn’t a dire tool, but it takes too much memory of my PC while running, so actually I prefer a software like CopyTrans to sync my audio, video and picture quickly. I’ve tasted the trial version before and I loved its easy-to-use interface and the modern and elegant look

  2. GrannyK says

    I’m always recommending programs to others, and have never tried this one – don’t know much about it.

    Love to give it a try.

  3. doc_haz says

    I have tried many unsuccesful ways to use 2 or 3 different libraries into one computer. Many different ways to do it, involving the use of hexeditors and registry settings. That made me re install the software more than once :-(

    I heard of Transcopy and i would love to use the iPod manager capabilities to help me get my libraries in sync. :-D

    Thanks for the opportunity and happyt holidays :-D

  4. Luis says

    This is great I have 4 kids with Ipods, and it is a headache every time they want to upload new songs, this software will fit perfectly in this house.

    Thank you

  5. M.Martinez says

    I’d love to get a CopyTrans 4 because it is one of those software that you can’t do with out when you own an iPod or an iPhone. This is a must for any music enthusiast owning an Apple product.

  6. Heather S says

    I really need this as I have a new laptop and need to get all my old music off my ipod touch onto it. Thanks!

  7. shy girlie says

    The headache of losing 60GB of music and videos is enough to drive you mad!!! If only I had found copytrans before.

  8. Scott says

    CopyTrans is my only hope of getting my crashed iTunes library back from my iPod touch… Searched the web with every imaginable keywords to see if there was an alternative, but I can only come to one conclusion: there is none. CopyTrans it is!

  9. trilochan says

    It will make my life easier with the family obligation to back up my Iphone and wife’s ipod. Not a big techie to search google and ofcourse will save me money too.