Check Your Hardware Devices, Software To Be Compatible To Work With Windows 7 Through Compatibility Center

Compatible hardware drivers are one of the most difficult to find after you upgrade your computer to a new version of windows operating system, as in normal cases if a device is working fine with xp or vista may not work at all in windows 7 after the upgrade, same applies for the software applications for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of windows 7

Windows 7 Compatibility Center comes to rescue in this case, as it helps you to test your hardware and software in determining whether it can work or run with windows 7, it will check whether the device or software has earned the “Compatible with Windows 7” or is it “certified for windows 2008’. If Compatibility Center detects some incompatibility, it will not only tell you device wont work but also provide you the link to download the drivers and software updates.


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You can simple run a scan over your computer to test your PC for windows 7 compatibility with new Windows 7 upgrade adviser [ download approx 8 MB ] 

Windows 7 Compatibility Center Site

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