Check Reliance Netconnect Postpaid or Prepaid Data Usage Used or Left In Balance

Reliance netconnect data card has been a real backbone at time when I needed the internet connectivity when ever I was on the go or travelling but at times it refused to connect, also sometime it was giving really slow internet browsing speed, still it worked in most of the cases so in all I have positive feedback for the same. As far as the data plans are concerned reliance netconnect has some very unreasonable and confusing internet plans which need to be work out, in case you would like to know about the current reliance netconnect or Netconnect+ plans for prepaid and for postpaid refer this page.

Unbilled Usage Reliance Netconnect

Another most confusing thing about reliance netconnect both with prepaid and postpaid is how can one Check Reliance Netconnect Postpaid or Prepaid Data Usage Used or Left In Balance, today we will solve both of these queries in this article as well as you can read our old article on some reliance netconnect and netconnect+ tips and tricks like.

Reliance NetConnect Data Card Tips and Tricks

We have already talked about way to check left usage or left balance in your reliance netconnect in the current month, but it looks the old procedure does not work as it now as the reliance netconnect data card website has changed a lot in term of interface.

Check Data Used or Left For Reliance Netconnect Postpaid

You can go this page, and click My Usage in the left section of page as shown in the image below

reliance netconnect usage check

or alternatively go to this page – and you will need to enter your reliance netconnect data card MDN number and password to login.

reliance data card postpaid usage check

Check Data Used or Left For Reliance Netconnect Prepaid

For reliance netconnect prepaid customers, they can find out the remaining balance in rupees by entering your 10-digit Netconnect+ number/MDN starting with 93. For eg. 9323111111 at this page

check usage reliance netconnect prepaid

Or once you are logged in on the reliance website your can find out the data used in real time, under My Profile >> Data Usage as shown in the image below.

real time data usage check reliance netconnect


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