Check Google Apps and Web Services Status Through Google Apps Dashboard

[ This article is for google apps users only ] There are times, when you just heard from your friend hey, you know that gmail is down! and then you reply really ? or you get to know about it from twitter – the world fastest real time information medium. Then you check your whether it is down for you also, and you realize that it is actually down. Gmail is just an example it could some other google web service or app which is down. 

Now, you may want to know the reason Why gmail is down ? Well google has answer for everything – as it the world smartest and widely used search engine. :)

Yes you guessed it right, google provides you a way to monitor the status of the google apps and services through Apps Status Dashboard - This page offers performance information for Google Apps services. Unless otherwise noted, this status information applies to consumer services as well as services for organizations using Google Apps.


In order to check google apps status you are using, go to [ to see in English]  We hope you like this simple trick for google apps users.

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