Check For Malicious code or Suspicious Links In Any Free or Paid WordPress Themes with TAC

TAC [ Theme Authenticity Checker ] is a free wordpress plugin which can scan any wordpress theme to check for any suspicious links or malicious code and will tell you whether your theme is Ok or alert you if it contains some unwanted code or links. These days there could be some potentially dangerous java scripts which are found inserted in third party free wordpress themes sites, so this plugin could be a life saver for you before you face a ban on your blog due to harmful scripts found on your site.


[ click the image above to enlarge ]

As shown in the image above it will automatically scan all the themes uploaded on your blog and will show up a green colored box with message Theme Ok if theme does not contain any malicious links or code.

You can click the Details button in front of each theme to see all the static links your theme has and in which files these links are placed.


Download TAC [ Source – Life Rocks 2.0 ]


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