Check, Find Data Usage On iPad 2 or Older Without Installing Any App From App Store

If you are using wifi + 3g ipad 2 or older you might be worrying about how much data you have used on your 3g connection on the go so that you should not exceed the data limits as per the plan you are opted for from the network provider and avoid paying extra charges in case you exceed the data limits unknowingly.

This could happen with you in case you don’t have any tracking of 3g data from the provider, however on ipad under settings interface there is simple way to find out the total downloaded or uploaded data on 3g so that you know how much you have used it and prevent exceeding of data on your limited 3g plan from the provider.

Follow the procedure below to find out the usage of 3g data being used in terms of data downloaded or uploaded on your ipad.

1. Go to settings app on the home screen and navigate to general section and then tap usage as shown in the image below.


2. Under usage in General >> Usage you will see the section showing the cellular network data both sent and received as shown in the image below.


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