Check Email Id is Genuine Or Fake Either It Exist or Not

You might have experienced that sometimes you get an e-mail and you are unable to decide whether the e-mail address given on that mail is a valid one or not. Usually users receive large number of email every day and many of those e-mails received are the spam emails. Now, in such cases to identify that for which one the given e-mail id is valid and for which it is not, we need a simple way. Although, as we know there is no direct method till now by which we may know if an email address is valid or not. So, keeping this in mind, today we are going to discuss one simple and small utility which may prove helpful in above mentioned scenarios.

Scan Mail Checker is basically a simple, easy to use, useful and a freely available tool which allows the user to verify whether the given email addresses of your list are valid or not. Along with verifying the addresses, this program also eliminates all the repeated addresses in the list, and along with this checks if they are written correctly. Lastly but most importantly, it gives all those email addresses from the list which actually exist.


This small and smart utility can be downloaded from the link given below and after installing it in your system, you can import all the emails to the app in various ways like text file, CSV, Excel, Access File or a database file depending upon your need and requirements. After importing the emails, you can observe that the utility will automatically start and manage the process of checking. First of all, the app will scan through all the emails and then it will list out all the emails which are valid and also invalid thus making it lot easier for you.

So, you may observe that this utility i.e., Scan Mail Checker is just an intuitive, easy to use, powerful and reliable tool for checking and cleaning your mailing lists or your contact lists. It makes sure that all the contacts present in your mailing contact lists are valid and no duplicates are there. If we talk about its accuracy than we can say that it can determine up to 80% of invalid emails, which actually is a good number. Although, for some of the domains, it is not possible to verify whether the address is valid or not, due to various constraints.


If we summarize all the features of Scan Mail Checker, than we may observe that it simply eliminates repeated e-mail addresses, it checks for the syntax of addresses and whether it is correct or not. Along with this, it checks if the email domain is currently available and also whether the email address exists on its mail server or not.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which acts as a cleaner app for your contact list and may prove helpful in various scenarios.

Download Scan Mail Checker

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