Check Cellular Network Data Usage On iPhone

iPhone is a great device, it offers great capabilities and feature and most important who so ever using this device loves using it. As iphone being such a cool device you might use it on the go with your limited cellular network data plan and you would like to know you data usage so that it won’t exceed the limit you are allowed as per pan you opted.

Today we will tell you how to find the data usage on your iphone, so that you can get to know how data in size you have downloaded or uploaded on your iphone.

Follow the procedure below

1. Go to settings >> general


2. Now tap Usage


3. Scroll down under usage to find the section cellular data network – there you will see the sent data [ data uploaded ] and received data [ data downloaded ] on your iphone.



  1. Basilis says

    I had been downloading using wi-fi network and suddenly when i checked my cellular network data i saw : sent:4,0 gb received 4,0gb
    the last time i checked was sent:4mb , received 27mb and i didn’t even used my cellular data…only wi-fi
    please help me
    i have a j/b iphone 4

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