Change Youtube Email Video Uploads Updates Language To English Or Other Language

If you subscribed for the youtube email updates so that you can receive the instant alerts from different youtube channels to which you are subscribed, these updates are actually to get notified when ever a new video has been uploaded on the youtube channel you are subscribed to.

But recently from some time, I started noticing a strange thing as I start getting these updates with hindi language in the email updates, previously all these updates were used to come in english language, and suddenly they start coming in hindi language, even If I am from India and Hindi is the primary language in our country, and we speak a lot in hindi, but it comes to web all the communication most of times happens in english, so I am not used to read hindi a lot like speaking, so it becomes difficult to read the content in youtube update which was mostly in hindi as shown in the image below.

8-31-2011 5-10-12 PM

With time I was quite annoyed by the language which I found quite difficult to read, So I decided to change this under youtube preferences of my account, after some search I landed on the right section of settings in youtube which could allow me to change this language to english reading which I am more comfortable.

In order to change the email updates language, firstly go to, login with your youtube or google account and go to your account settings as shown in the image below.

8-31-2011 5-14-45 PM

Under settings, go to email options shown in left pane as shown in the image below.

change youtune email language

That’s it done, now click the save changes button at the bottom of this page as shown in the image below.

8-31-2011 5-18-34 PM

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