Change Yahoo Mail Theme Color, Fonts

Looks are something that a person notices as the very first thing when he sees someone or something. And rightfully said it should be changed from time to time so that a person does not get bored after seeing the same thing again and again. So why not your mail box, Google has already taken this step by allowing its users to customize their email inbox and apply different themes according to their like.

Now Yahoo has also added this feature and all the people using Yahoo for their daily email requirements will be able to change their themes as well the whole look of their Yahoo mail account. It is really easy to change the theme of your yahoo account according to your favorite style.

Here is what you need to do :

1. Open yahoo mail features web page listing new additions to Yahoo’s Email services here.


2. Click the Try It Now button and go accept the query box stating the confirmation to try the yahoo mail beta version

3. Go to the Help button on the upper left corner and go to the themes section in the drop down box.


4. After selecting the drop themes section from the drop down box you will see a new window with  all the available themes to choose from


Now all you need to do is select you favorite color theme and enjoy the new looks of you yahoo Email Account.


  1. Mary says

    The themes stink. They’re boring and to not barf with their blandness,you have to change them every couple of days. Seriously,who thought them up? They’re horribly unimaginative.

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