Change Windows Media Video Detailed Description Properties

One of the most common format of video files which can be found nowadays on every system is the Windows Media Video file it is because of the reason that the default media player in every Windows Operating System is of the format mentioned above. Today we will be sharing a tool with you which will provide you the access to change the attributes of that file like you can change the copyright information of that video and much more can be done through that tool. You can call this tool as Windows Media Stereo Attribute Editor.


This will let you to change the Stereo attributes of the video files and along with this feature, you can also go for adding the thumbnail image to this video, you can also change the description of this video and you can also change the title and the copyright description of this video (which is really very hard to change). All of these features are categorized under certain tabs, basically three. You can see the snapshot of the tool shown above this paragraph and there you can see that those three tabs are named as Stereo, General and Movie Disk.


Now under the stereo tab you are allowed to do any change related to Stereo attributes, you can see the attributes in the snapshot placed at the top in this post. Under the second tab which is named as General you can alter all the information related to the copyright, description, title and author the snapshot of the same can be seen just above this paragraph. Now the third named asĀ  Movie Disk, they are of use if the retrieved video is from a Movie Disk then you can also alter the attributes if that disk like Disk name, Title Name and then you can also introduce a new image for the Movie disk.


The size of this tool is around 400Kbs and the best part about this tool is its portability, so you can use it anywhere on any computer, just remember to carry it on your USB drive and then you can change the attributes of any Window Media Video Files present there. This tool is expected to be compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you have anything new to share about this tool, we will be glad to share it with rest of our users on your behalf.

Download Windows Media Stereo Attribute Editor

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