Change Windows Local Internet Network Settings Using Simple IP Config

I have got a software for you named Simple IP Config using which you can change your network settings. The software will help you to change your IP address, Gateway, Subnet Mask and DNS Server. The software will also gives you the option to Enable DHCP. The software is very simple and easy to use  in case you would like to change your network settings as compared to using the Windows IP config to perform the same task is not as easy as doing with this one. The application has a very simple GUI(Graphic User Interface) and is very easy to use.

Simple IP Config 1

This window will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The software doesn’t require any installation, it run directly from the exe file that gets downloaded. The tool has many option and I will tell you about all of them in Detail. The first option on the top left hand side corner is the Select Adapter option. The three option that you will get in the Select Adapter drop down are Local Area Connection, Wireless Network Adapter and Other. In the IP settings you have the options for IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. In DNS settings you have the options for preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server. The values for all these fields that are shown when you will run the software for the first time are the default values that these fields have for your computer.

You can also change the default values that are set in your computer for any of these fields to any other value that you want, and after changing the values for any of the field that you want you should press SUBMIT button for those changes to take effect. the software also has a TRAY button on the top right hand corner of the window. This button is used to minimize the software and keep it in running state in the system tray. We can also access the software from the system tray. There is a Disable Firewall checkbox that can be checked or unchecked depending upon your requirement. There is a DHCP button to Enable DHCP also. There is also a Refresh button to refresh the information. A Renew and a Release button is also there to renew and release the changes done.

Download Simple IP Config.

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